About Us

EleiraFit Boutique Competition bikini Ship

EleiraFit was founded by a fitness-addicted professional bikini competitor, coach, nutritionist, and fashion designer with 15 years experience in crafting beautiful apparel for women. Yes, including gorgeous and sparkly crystal swimwear! This is why our competition bikini suits have exclusive designs! We are professionals and know how to make quality competition suits.EleiraFit Bikini Competition Suits

All of our fitness bikini suits are hand-made and custom-made. You can order any suit “as is” or make adjustments. We sell our competition bikinis online only. Our office locations are in the USA (Austin, TX) and Europe, but we ship all over the world!

Nothing makes us more happy than seeing you shining on stage! We love chatting with bikini competitors and discussing every little detail of a new competition bikini suit! Contact us today.