Bikini Competition Sponsorship

Bikini competition sponsored athletes

Yes, we sponsor bikini competitors. What is even more impressive – we also sponsor BEGINNER bikini competitors. Do you know any other bikini competition company that does the same ? We bet you don’t.

Here is the answer to the most frequently asked question: “How can I become a sponsored athlete?” :

  1. You need to show us that you adore our brand!  How can you do that ? Follow us on social media, like our posts, comment, spread the word about our brand. This proves that your love is true!
  2. Yes, we look at your social media accounts when we make a decision. Make sure to post engaging content that will motivate and inspire others! We need competitors who are dedicated to fitness, work hard and help others to change! You don’t need to have a million of followers, but you need to be an influencer of at least your life !
  3. Share your story with us. Tell us more about yourself! Please fill out the form below!

Submit your application to be considered for the future openings! We’re looking forward to connecting with you on social media!