Bikini Crystals Types

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Crystals are classical decor elements used in almost all on-stage clothing. Crystals are used by gymnasts, ballroom and contemporary dancers. In other words, they are used by anyone who aims to produce a strong impression on both the judges and public while performing onstage.

When it comes to fitness bikini suits,  crystals can flatter the strongest body features and hide  minor flaws (if any). There are two explanations to how bikini crystals work. First, thanks to light refraction, crystals can visually enlarge the breasts. This is very important as after extended dry trainings, many participants’ breasts are dramatically decreased in size. Second, the shiny embellishments on the bottom piece can enhance the geometry of the thighs. In the case when participant’s legs are not very long, our high-rise bottom pieces with crystals will visually elongate them .

What Kind of Crystals Are Used in EleiraFit’s Bikini Suits?

Each bikini suit can have  hundreds to thousands of crystals. Therefore, the price of the suit is directly proportional to the number of crystals in it. There are two main types of crystals:  rainbow effect (AB CRYSTALS) and monochrome. AB rhinestone crystals have a specific coating and create a shimmering finish that enhances the sparkle. Both types look beautiful when well designed.

How Bikini Crystals Are Attached?

Different types of crystals can be used: sew-on, cold self-adhesive, and thermal-based ones. The advantage of the sew-one crystals is the multiple uses. In other words, they can be transferred from an old to a completely new bikini suit. This is probably the only advantage we can think of.  Usually, such crystals are large in size. The cold self-adhesive crystals have smooth surfaces to which a small dot of glue is applied. After that the crystal is attached to the fabric. Finally, the thermal-based crystals sit on a special glue-based fabric. When this fabric is heated, the crystal bonds to the fabric of the swimsuit. Crystals with both cold and hot glues are safe when taken care of properly.

What Does EleiraFit Recommend?

We usually recommend AB-CRYSTAL crystals to our clients. They have a beautiful rainbow effect. Both AB and monochrome crystals that we use have the best price-to-quality value. Their characteristics are very similar to those of Swarovski and Preciosa, though they actually cost a few times less. It is important to note that under the stage lights, our crystals look absolutely identical to the high-end ones mentioned above. The judges will mark you based on your beautiful body, not how shiny the crystals on your suit are.

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