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This is the most popular question our clients ask us. We know how important it is for you to take proper care of your bikini suit. No wonder! You had so much fun selecting it and it reflects your personality. Moreover, fitness bikinis cannot be compared to those dresses for special occasion that are purchased to only be worn once. We understand that you want your suit to last long and look flawless.

EleiraFit bikini suits can be made of two kinds of fabric: bi-flex or velvet. Neither  fabrics are demanding, but there are still some things to keep in mind when taking care of your bikini pieces:

1) They should be hand washed only. Absolutely no machine washes, do not even press in a washing machine! Pressing is not recommended. To wash your bikini suit, use shampoo or gentle liquid detergent. Water should be lightly soapy.

2) Do not leave your suit in the soapy water for too long, as that can jeopardize the surface of crystals (making them less shiny).

3) To remove the spots on the inside, use a  soft brush. To remove dirt from the crystals, use wet wipes.

4) Rinse thoroughly. You can do this a few times just to make sure the chemicals from the detergent are not trapped inside the fabric. Any detergent remains will be visible especially on the satin fabric. Use cold or lightly warm water for rinsing.

5) Dry your swimsuit by hanging it on a hanger or by placing it on a clean towel. Do not use a hair-dryer or other heat-generating appliances.

6) Store your clean swimsuit separately from the rest of your clothing. A dry box would work perfectly for your bikini suit!

We sincerely hope your swimsuit becomes your lucky charm in many competitions in the future!

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