Styles of Tops and Bottoms

Types of Bikini Tops

Egg shape Cup - EleiraFit bikinis

A soft egg-shaped underwire cup, structured in a way to get breasts be lifted and placed closer to enhance the cleavage.

riangle Cup - EleiraFit bikinis

A soft triangle-shaped cup. Can be made with underwire or adjustable drawstring. All cups are made with padding. May have push up (like on the picture above). Please refer to the product description for the details.

Types of Bikini Bottoms

Pro cut bottoms

Covering about 20% of cheek. Recommended for competitors on the NPC/IFBB National stage or similar.

Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

Great for adding shape. It makes a smaller butt look fuller and gives a larger butt great shape. Best for well-balanced shapes.

Bikini Bottoms Cheeky Cut

Gives you more coverage that Brazilian style but is more opened than moderate.

Bikini Bottoms Moderate Cut

Classical coverage. Not too much, not too little. Best to make your waist look slimmer.

Bikini Bottoms Figure Cut

High-waisted. V-shape is more pronounced in the front. The bottom piece is connected to the top piece with the help of bands.

Types of Bikini Front Coverage

Straight line is the best choice for NPC bikini competitors. Can also be chosen by competitors of other federations.

V-shaped line is preferred by IFBB bikini competitors in Europe and is required for figure/physics suits. Can also be chosen by competitors of other federations.

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