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The selection of your fitness competition or posing bikini bottoms is just as important as regular training, dieting and professional tanning. It is important to mention that the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) as well as other organizations such as the National Physique Committee (NPC) strictly regulate competition rules. The following are the rules for the onstage bikini bottoms:

  • they should cover a minimum of 1/3 of the gluteus (may be inspected before the competition; violators are disqualified);
  • no frills, fringes, or other decorations that would cover muscles;
  • no see-through inserts that would divert judge’s attention from the participant;
  • bottom piece should not be extremely low-rise.
  • String and tanga bottoms are allowed on a rare occasion.

IFBB/European Style – The High Rise Model

Bikini Competition Suit Dark Green Galaxy 4                                                       Bikini Competition Suit Dark Green Galaxy 5

The bottom piece sits high on the waist and has a more pronounced V-shape in the front.
The classical back is softly scrunched along the center. This style is also named “European” or “Russian” style, and it is popular among IFBB bikini competitors.

NPC Style – The Middle Rise Model

Fiery Red Bikini Competition Suit 4

The front part is less rise and has an almost straight hip-to-hip line. The classical back is softly scrunched along the center. Preferred by NPC bikini competitors.

The Brazilian Cut Model

Bikini Bottom Style Brazilian

The front part is maximally open while still approved by the regulations. The piece covers exactly 1/3 of the gluteus.

The Cheeky Cut Model

Bikini Bottom Style Cheeky

This bottom piece is more low-rise in the back and it offers medium gluteus coverage. Compared to the Brazillian Cut model, the edges of this piece hug the gluteus more smoothly.

The Moderate Cut Model

Bikini Bottom Style Moderate

This bikini bottom offers moderate gluteus coverage and is ideal for those participants who prefer the classical look. This comfortable piece is preferred by beginners.

Bikini Bottoms for the Figure/Physics Competition Category

High-waisted bikini bottoms are usually used in this kind of championship. Their V-shape is more pronounced in the front due to the sides being more elevated. The back side of the piece usually provides more coverage compared to the fitness bikinis. The bottom piece is softly scrunched along the center of the back, which makes the gluteus appear more rounded. Moreover, participants in the figure/physics category wear bikini suits where the bottom piece is connected to the top piece with the help of bands.

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